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Laser Skin Rejuvenation

With laser skin rejuvenation, you can easily clear many undesirable skin imperfections on your face and body in 4 to 6 treatments. By targeting sun damage, brown spots, and wrinkles, this technology provides you with clear results and beautiful looking skin.

Skin rejuvenation is a great alternative to make you look as young as you feel. It smooths your skin without the facial changes and side effects associated with surgical face lifts or injections.

Unlike surgery, there is minimal downtime after the treatment and you recover in just a few days with minimal discomfort or side effects.

At South Florida Vein & Aesthetics, we feature the Cynosure Elite MPX™ medical skin laser system that can take years off your skin with just one treatment. It reduces unwanted signs of aging, including wrinkles around your eyes and mouth, and can diminish the deepest lines – without surgery, with minimal downtime, and with long-lasting results.

Pulses of energy from the Elite MPX laser are delivered deep into the skin, targeting pigmentation (discoloration) and stimulating collagen for a smoother and more even appearance.

You will soon see a decrease in the appearance of brown spots, sun damage, and wrinkles, resulting in a smoother, more even skin tone. A series of 4-6 treatments every 3-4 weeks may be required for desired results.

Reveal the beautiful, youthful skin you once had! Call (954) 725-4141 x112 to schedule your laser skin rejuvenation treatment today at South Florida Vein & Aesthetics in Coconut Creek, Florida. We see clients from Boca Raton to Ft. Lauderdale to Miami.

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